STEIMA-Magnetic Pumps CM …
Solenoid pumps as close-coupled pumps are available in many sizes and designs. From very small mini sizes up to roughly 100 m³/h. An enquiry is always worthwhile, even if a lot of data is missing here. Below are some sample photos. The following versions are available, depending on size and operating conditions:

  • normally aspirating
  • self priming
  • partly up to 3-stage for higher pressures
  • partly according to ATEX
  • made of PP, PVDF plastic and stainless steel
  • mini volume flow to very high pressures as a drive vane pump, up to 200 m and up to 1200 l/h, as magnetic seal-less or with mechanical seal
normally aspirating
side channel design
2-stage and 3-stage
Magnetic drive vane pumps with magnetic coupling or mechanical seal
Submersible magnetic drive pumps, various sizes, very low densities