Pumpen Rührwerk Technik e.K.

Oil skimmers (oil separators), pumps, agitators

Oil skimmers, agitators and pumps also according to ATEX

Oil skimmers from the professionals. PUMPEN-RÜHRWERK-TECHNIK e.K., based in Herne, Germany, has specialised in the field of agitators, oil skimmers (oil separators) and pumps since 1979.

PUMPEN-RÜHRWERK-TECHNIK e.K. has been manufacturing oil skimmers since 1979 and was one of the first companies to tackle the problem of oil removal from water with great success. We therefore have a great deal of experience.

Our product range includes oil skimmers, belt skimmers, floating skimmers, mop skimmers, hose skimmers and disc skimmers. In addition, there are various types of agitators such as: standard agitators, special agitators, manual and container agitators, tank agitators, aeration agitators, high-temperature agitators and agitators with a hollow shaft for simultaneous pumping through this agitator hollow shaft during agitation.

The range is completed with submersible motor pumps, submersible pumps with agitator/mixing function, sealless submersible motor pumps, peristaltic pumps, dosing pumps and submersible suspension pumps. If you decide in favour of an oil skimmer, an agitator, a peristaltic pump and so on from PUMPEN-RÜHRWERK-TECHNIK e.K., then you have a quality product.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you.

Zeichnung eines Ölskimmers


Vertical Agitator
Horizontal Agitator
Submersable Pedistal Pumps
Mixing Barrel Pumps

Dosing Units + Mixers

Independant of electricity
High Dosing Precition
No Overdosing
Environmental protection contribution

STEIMA CM solenoid pumps

Normal Suction
Self Priming
Partially up to 3-stage for higher pressures
Partially according to ATEX
….and more

Disc Oil Skimmer