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Skimmer belts | Skimmer Hoses or Tubes | Skimmer Mop

Spare parts for oil skimmers from other and strange producers:

We deliver for strange and other oil skimmers (from other producers) belts of plastic and stainless steel and oil skimmer tubes or hoses too. If necessary lower rolls or pulleys too.
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skimmbänderSkimmer belts

We deliver for external producers oil skimmer belts of stainless steel or plastic. Different plastics materials demanded for width, length and apllications.

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skimmerschläucheOil Skimmer hoses or tubes

Oil skimmer hoses and tubes for external producers. Perhaps we can offer just the size for your oil skimmer type sheaper.

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skimmermopOil Skimmer mop

We deliver for strange oil skimers spare mops 100 – 150 mm width.
This mop is constructed in a flat feature, so the efficiency is much better. The water containing is much reduced. The bonding effect of the fringes is therefore much remarkable and drastically reduced. Thereby this mop is more robust


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