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Pumpen-Rührwerk-Technik GmbH
Freisenstr. 28
D-44649 Herne

Tel. +49 (0) 2325 76539
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Welcome to PRT GmbH

alte pumppeThe PUMPEN-RÜHRWERK-TECHNIK GmbH company domiciled in Herne is specialized round the agitators, oil skimmers and pumps since 1979.

Our delivery program comprises oil skimmers, belt skimmers, floating and swimming oil skimmers, hose and tube skimmers and disc skimmers. Further different kinds of agitators like: standard agitator, hand agitator, container agitator, tank agitators, side entry agitator, agitators with cutting knifes, venting agitators and Co2 agitators.

The range of products included submersible pumps, hose or tube pumps, dosing pumps, metering pumps, magnet pumps. If you will deside you for an oil skimmer, an agitator, a chemical pump, submersible pump, magnet pump or other products of the PUMPEN-RÜHRWERK-TECHNIK GmbH and than you will get a quality product.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further questions.