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Agitators, Stirrers and Mixers in many constructions, according to ATEX too
Following pictures are only examples, do you not find the agitator you need in our picture, please be so kind and send your inquiry and we will offer.

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Belüftungsrührwerk Getrieberührwerk handrührwerk

Aeration Agitator
of PP, specially
micro perly air, with air
flow shut-off too feature

Gear Agitator
with double
mechanical seal and
flange coupling

Hand Agitator
with grab handles, accor-
ding to ATEX, with ring
propeller and safety tube

Absaugrührwerk, Abpumprührwerk Kohlesäure Rührwerk Druckluftrührwerk

Suction Agitator
Pump Down Agitator

acc. to ATEX, with centrifugal force propeller, with hollow shaft, suction nozzle below motor

Carbonic Acid Agitator
Gassing Agitator

of PP, carbonic acid
nozzle below motor,
injection over the propeller

Air Pressure

with tank of stainless steel,
with cross beam
and lever clamping screw

Getrieberührwerk mit hohlwelle Anklemmrührwerk Rührwerk aus PVDF

Gear Agitator
with hollow shaft, shaft dismountable, without propeller, in ATEX too

Quick Connect Agitator
very robust, with two lever clamping screws,
for one or three phase

Agitator of PVDF
total made of PVDF, with
sealing and bearing
lantern, in ATEX too

Getrieberührwerk mit Lagerlaterne Getrieberührwerk mit abstandslaterne Standrührwerk

Gear Agitator
with bearing lantern and
two oblique blade stirrers,
helical gear box

Gear Agitator
with distance lantern and sealing, adjustable speed
by hand wheel

Standard Agitator
with splash collar,
protection flange and
propeller 4-wings

Stativrürhewerk Stativrührwerk mit andübeln Stativrührwerk zum andübeln

Stand Agitator
with 5 locking rolls,
stroke adjustment by
hand, mobile

Stand Agitator
mounting by anchor bolts, stroke adjustment by hand, with counter weight, adjustable speed

Stand Agitator
mounting by anchor bolts,
stroke adjustment by hand,
with counter weight

Rührwerk  mit Tauchpumpe Handrührgerät Druckluft- und Elektromotor Handrürgerät fahrbar

Agitator with submersible Pump, Mixing Pump, by hand to reverse: stirring or pumping

Hand Agitator
pressure air- or electric motor,
in many designs,
mobile too, with stand
High quality standard,
experience since 1960

Hand Agitator
mobile, in different designs and constructions

High quality standard,
experience since 1960

Tauschmotor Rührwerk Mischer Mischmaschine Laborrührwerk

Agitator with Stand
Stand Agitator

and counterrotate double mixer

High quality standard, experience since 1960

Mixer, Mixing Machine
different constructions for mortar plaster, Putze and similar

High quality standard,
experience since 1960

Laboratory Agitator
different designs and constructions and sizes

Tauchmotor Rührwerk Rührwerk rh
Submersible Agiator
only in design: of cast iron, propeller and ring stainless steel, pH-value 3 –10, 3 sizes total of stainless steel, 464 – 1440 min-1, propeller up to 590 mm Ø
Agitator RH, Tank Agitator
side entry mounting, with double sealing,
internal cooling and lubrication fluid and control-viewing tank, with pressure air nozzle and manometer

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