Easy Spinal Column Therapy
The old agyptians had partly got rid of their back and joint problems with similar methods just as it was verified here in the 17th Century. This easy and completely safe traditional method of treament was further developed by Dieter Dorn and it is successfully back in use since then.
A wrongly seated spinal cannot only cause pains, headache and migrane but can also cause organ illness of all types, intervertebral problems and problems in all parts of the body. And of course psychological problems.
Unequal long legs causes major trouble by shifting the pelvis and spinal.

  • no setting or bending of joints like in chiropractice.
  • absolutely safe and repeatable as often as you like
  • no straining of the spinal, the cartilage as well as the ligament due to the method of exercixe
  • even by twisting of the pelvis it is safe
  • getting rid of long leg problems quickly without pain
  • gently removal of spinal obstacles, joint blockades or pelvis hinderances (gently regarding straining of the spinal, the cartilage and the ligament).

The life energy and the light photones can run again easily: Many organ illnesses can be cured or be improved upon significantly. Treatments will be successful regardless of which type.

A n d : You can say goodbye to your back pain!

We are personally authorised by Dieter Dorn to teach his original methods. We were as well trained by him.

Link: www.dorn-therapeut.de


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