Our laiddown objective is to possibly change the attitude of so many people, so that everyone is responsible for himself and his body. I can't entrust someone with the responsibility of my body once my health returns and did not desert me. If I inconsiderately handle my body, health can't be achieved, then i'll be sick, go to doctor and think or say: Doctor, treat me, you are responsible for my body. But just thereafter i'll continue to do the same in the fututre. I'm not ready to change.

There is no chance to regain your health with this behaviour. In additions, the phamaceutical system is structured in such a way that unnecessary harmful substanzes were found in the preparations. These are side-effects which independently cause other illness as time went on. This well-thought and structured system work very well but only for sales purposes (secured business of billion of dollars). It is of course well supported by the government. At the same time I will always ask: Who will really be made healthy in the right sense? - which illness will be healed in the true sense of the world? - The hospitals will always be getting bigger; the existing medicine made-up from technically expensive machines and apparatus are helpless. They have since lost the fight against illness, viral and bacteria. Body shred that are mostly unnecessary are on daily's agenda. Because the medical specialist must prove so many operations before they are entitled to perform it. This alone is not health-friendly: My body is an entity, all organs work with one another and i can't devide them up into kidney, liver only to view each of these as a separate part for the sake of "healing". That can't work.

Besides, everybody has valuable body. One should protect and cherish it. Whoever get caught up in the medical lobby-machinery never come out of it and will always "well-guidedly" be sick. Or whoever use the stupid and silly argument refering to unhealthy food and drink: "........then one can no more eat at all, when it comes to that"; He has surrendered himself. That is a private alibi because he is not prepared to change.

These people should not contact us because we don't want to waste valuable energie to persuade anybody. Naturally such attitude never turn out well. We want to help people who welcome every single opportunity. Those who cherish the said notion and are sceptical about the medical apparatus and pharmaceutical preparations.

The fundamental idea is that we must think comprehensively. - we are even taking a step further. Not just comprehensively in the sense of our body alone but in the sense of the entire universe. A perfect health is attainable from this point of view. With some people it even got considerably improved till eradication of the illness is made possible.

"Consciousness belong to the mind
Light to the spirit
Nature to the body

Love to the soul
And health is yours again!"


Christoph Steinig


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